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Have you ever dreamed of being a property developer?


Daisy Collins did.

Mother of three with a baby on the way, she loved nothing more than to renovate dilapidated houses.

Daisys husband Chris how ever did not share her passion.


It was time for the family to move on, after finishing their second "fixer upper" it was time to buy a bigger family house for the radpidly expanding Collins family.


Chris wanted a home which was done, liveable, & family friendly with no more builders!.


Surprisingly, Daisy listened to reason and set out to find the family the perfect family home ...


Although Daisy's idea of the perfect houses isn't the same as everyone elses!


Oily estate agents, Cowboy Builders, Chatty Plumbers & Cantankerous Neighbours. Daisy & Chris encounter them all in this humerous story of House renovation.

What's coming up!

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