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About Millie

Millie was born in West London and has always had a passion for writing, renovating dilapidated houses, and above all else VAMPIRES!!


Millie started to write a few years ago, but what with the hustle and bustle of 4 childen to look after along with family life, she kept her stories to herself and her ancient laptop.


After the children started to leave home and start on their own life journeys Millie decided to take up the reigns and start to focus on her creative side and get some of her stories out into the world, with the help of the team at Burrow Publishing, she did just that and 2013 was the start of he writing career with  her first published novel - FOR SALE.


Due to be released at the end of September 2013!


Squashed Noses & Wrinkles - Bulldog breeding by a beginner.


In April of 2013 Millie became a bulldog breeder for the first time - well the first time she has ever bred anything - apart from her children that is!. After having Bulldogs for many years Millie and her husband decided that their pets were so magnificent that it would be sacrilidge not to continue the bloodline of the magnificent beasties!. So Millie rolled up her sleeves (in between doing re-writes of FOR SALE) And helped her wonderful Dam give birth to wonderous baby bullies. Squashed Noses adn Wrinkles gives an account of her experience through the eyes of a beginner, learnning by her own mistakes and catatstrophies as they occur. A great read for any one who wishes to start to breed bulldogs, or for anyone who loves dogs and likes to read about them.


We were fascinated here at Burrow Publishing at how much work is actually involved - way to go Millie!!!!






V.B.I Vampire Bureau of Investigation



This one has been a long time coming for Millie. We have encouraged her to write about her beloved obsession of Vampires.


Due for release in December, we hope to have a snippet for you to preview soon, its worth the wait!


What's coming up!

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